Smart Sponsors

Are You a Smart Sponsor?

Are you a Project Sponsor? Yes, if you launch projects and are accountable for their success.

Some clues that you might not be a Smart Sponsor:

  • You wonder why your department’s projects don’t finish on time … or ever … even though everyone is working hard
  • You suspect your department has too many projects
  • You’ve noticed that most meetings are spent getting everyone on the same page instead of focusing on the work
Project Management

Meetings are not Deliverables

When I ask my project management students to develop their first work breakdown structure, there are inevitably a few meetings listed as deliverables.

I feel strongly that a meeting itself should never be considered a deliverable. Meetings are held in order to achieve an objective. Therefore, we can list the desired outcome of the meeting as a deliverable, but not the meeting itself.

This is part of a larger problem, which is that meetings take on a life of their own. The worst offender is the “weekly status meeting,” held in dysfunctional organizations around the world. Team members come together having received no agenda and then a rambling discourse follows while they talk about what they’ve done in the recent past. With no direction and no documented goal, the meeting becomes an almost complete waste of time. It’s OK to have a regularly scheduled meeting time, but someone must own that meeting and give it a publicized purpose.

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