Facilitated Change provides the following services:

  • Agile with Certainty: working with teams and stakeholders, I share powerful techniques that make desired project outcomes clear and predictable.
  • Agile Coaching: working with individuals or teams, I provide guidance on best practices, consulting on gnarly problems, and general help with tools and techniques. Don’t make your teams go it alone, give them a go-to person who can provide real-time assistance.

Training: face-to-face or online training sessions. Courses are hands-on and interactive.

  • Introduction to Agile with Scrum: three-day hands-on workshop to jumpstart your organization with Agile.
  • Agile for Product Owners: two-day hands-on workshop
  • Agile for Leaders: half-day session for project sponsors
  • Smart Sponsor Workshop: after the senior leadership team completes strategic planning, use the half-day Smart Sponsor workshop to learn how to select and prioritize projects for the coming year.